eight essay questions sociology

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  • What are the six dimensions of nonverbal communication? Explain each dimension, giving an example for each.
  • Explain and give an example of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.
  • Describe how the basic elements of communication work together in intercultural communication.
  • Analyze how the media contributes to the stereotyping of race, giving two specific examples to support your points.
  • Economic forces create tensions and uncertainty in people’s everyday lives and in their workplaces. Discuss why being able to adjust to economic changes is important for workplace culture and communication.
  • Describe five important concepts that are important for the development of an ethical sense. Choose two of these concepts and give specific examples of their value to effective communication.
  • Drawing on the ten rules of intercultural effectiveness presented in the Week 7 Lecture, assume that you have been hired as a consult to address a situation where ethnic tensions have increased in a workplace setting. You will only be able to address five of the basic rules. What five would you select, and why?
  • The executive board of the company for which you work is considering conducting a cultural analysis. You are asked to present a case to the board for conducting the analysis and to demonstrate the potential value for the company. Select and discuss three potential benefits of conducting a cultural analysis for the company.

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