EH 213 University of Alabama

Multimodal Project for EH 213: Witch Narratives

Final draft of the Spark Page due [100 points: 60 (Content Development: Thesis, Support, Research) + 40 Creativity and Organization – originality, complexity, depth, creative use of font and color, layout, transition, logical sequence)]: 8/10

Process/Reflection: Throughout the process, you will need to maintain a journal with at least 5 entries about your thoughts and struggles with finding sources, working with Adobe Spark etc. (1 paragraph each worth 15×5=75 points). This can be submitted separately as a Word Document. At the very end, you will also need to write a reflection in which you narrate your experience with the assignment (1 page worth 25 points). The entire process and reflection can be uploaded as a Word/PDF file or as two separate files.

Sources: 5 or more sources, including images, print/digital sources, videos etc.

Genre and Format

Adobe Spark Page/website, 500 words of written text, including MLA in-text citation of print sources, and a works cited page. If you use free photos made available through Spark, they are licensed for fair use, so no citations are required. If you upload videos from YouTube or other sources, you will need to add them to your works cited page. You can also upload your own photographs or videos.

I will be available throughout to offer feedback and troubleshoot. Just email me and we can set up individual conferences.

Your Task

Your purpose is twofold: 1) to compose an argument regarding Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West from Wicked 2) the presentation of this analysis in the form of a Spark page. The argument can be virtually anything pertaining to Maguire’s portrayal of Elphaba (the transformation of the Wicked Witch, how she represents the change in the perception of witches, the use of her perspective to address relevant social issues, how she relates to other witches that you have read about this semester etc.).

Multimodal: Multi-modal genres are genres that blend text, images, and elements of visual design to persuade readers. My recommendation is that you use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with Adobe Spark page. UAB was recently named an Adobe Creative Cloud campus, which means that you have free access to a range of Adobe products which are wonderful for creating this project. In particular, I am asking you to use Adobe Spark: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). You do not need to pay for anything; log into your Adobe Creative Cloud account by using your UAB email: (Links to an external site.)

Argumentation: To persuade your audience, you will need an argumentative thesis that takes a clear stance or position on the issue and defends and supports this thesis throughout your project. Your job is to advance your audience’s understanding of the issue, and/or change their attitude about how they should approach or understand the issue. Your audience will require good reasons to support your argument and that will read your argument with a critical but engaged perspective.

Composing: The most effective way to compose in a multimodal genre is to write out the print text in a Word document, and select images/make layout choices based on that content. Your project will need to possess a strong degree of:

  • Visual Function: A clear purpose for the text and design elements in your project. Each element will need to be “functional” rather than ornamental.
  • Visual Impact: visual images work with the text to create a persuasive overall effect, one that engages the viewer/reader and moves them to consider the argument.
  • Visual Coherence: clear and coherent connections between the visual elements of the text are connected by color, framing, font, shape, etc.
  • Visual Organization: visuals and text are arranged in a way that makes them easy for viewers/readers to comprehend.

Adobe Spark Page Resources

Tutorial Adobe Spark Page (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Tutorial Adobe Spark Page (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Step by Step Spark instruction

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