educational poster

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make a 1 page easy poster

you can check templates here on this link

make sure to include some images too


Review the pamphlet that is available in the Instructional Materials folder in Module 6. Using this pamphlet and others you may see in the clinical setting, in the community, or online, follow the instructions below.

The assignment is to create a patient education pamphlet, poster, or factsheet (only 1 page) that provides the needed education to the layperson in YOUR chosen country (Kenya) on your selected health concern (Diarrheal diseases, contamination, nutritional deficiencies).

The characteristics of the audience that will use this pamphlet are:

  • Adults
  • English is the second language of this group of adults
  • Lay persons

You are to address the following:

  1. Make sure the purpose of the pamphlet/poster/factsheet is clear.
  2. Use visuals when appropriate and make sure the visuals are appropriate for the purpose of the pamphlet.
  3. Use language appropriate for the identified audience. Avoid slang or jargon; avoid complex medical terms.
  4. Consider avoiding inclusion of items that might frighten or upset the reader, but be informative.
  5. Make sure that the pamphlet/poster is only one (1) page. Documents that are more than one (1) page will receive a zero (0). We want to provide concise information to our patients/community.
  6. Your audience will be the population in the country you selected in Module I (Kenya)
  7. You will present on the health topic that you selected in Module I (Diarrheal diseases, contamination, nutritional deficiencies)

Samples of Patient Education Materials:


What You Need to Know About Opioids. MedFacts.


What Are the Warning Signs of Stroke?…