Edu. 381 Curriculum & Instructional Design Week 4 DQ2

Student-Centered Instructional Models


For students to gain the foundational skills of self-reliance, they will need to negotiate the Common Core Standards, educators will have to include more student-centered strategies in their instructional delivery. As you read chapter six, you will be introduced to several powerful student-centered strategies. Answer the following questions and tell how considering these questions helps you to connect with each of the student-centered instructional models and why.



Student-Centered Model

Can you name any projects or inquiries that you participated in as a student?  Did they teach you any other skills besides the particular content area?



Create a list of several projects, problems, or inquiries that could be used at the grade levels or content areas in which you are preparing to teach.



Do you have any recollection of plays, simulations, debates, or mock trials that you participated in as a student?  What were some learning benefits you received from these experiences?




Refer to Chapter 6 of your text, additional resources and your own insights/experiences.




Book: Hansen, C. B., Buczynski, S., and Pucket K., S. (2015). Curriculum and Instruction for thr 21st century. Bridgepoint Education.




Please make sure to use textual information to support the DQ. If you have any questions in regards to this DQ please feel free to ask me. Thank You!


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