Edu 3103 Week 4 Application

For this Application Assignment, imagine that you are the director of a preschool program. In the past, you have communicated your program’s policy on positive guidance verbally to all new families. However, you realize that you also need a clear, effective handout that explains the concept of positive discipline and serves to encourage positive discipline strategies at home.

Create a handout that includes your philosophy of positive discipline and at least three strategies that families can use at home related to setting limits, redirecting behavior, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. You may also choose to include strategy tips and/or inspiration quotes.

To complete this Application Assignment:

  • Step 1: Create Your Handout
    • Consider the purpose of the handout. Think about what you have learned in the course so far and review the readings and video programs for this week. (You may research additional sources if you choose.)
    • Decide on the information you want to include in your handout, including your philosophy about positive discipline and related child development, and information to help parents/family members understand your stance. Consider which strategies may be of most help to parents and family members.
    • Aim for a warm, professional tone.
    • Be sure to cite your sources

  • Step 2: Follow-Up
    • After you have completed your handout, read it over and imagine the following scenario:

A parent who read the brochure has come into your office, challenging your philosophy of positive discipline. She states that children cannot learn right from wrong without punishment for their misbehavior. Write your response to this parent.

Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages

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