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For this week, you can continue working on the paper. You have worked on data, regression, and results. You can write up your discussion of the results if you haven’t done so already. You can also write or revise the Introduction and Conclusions sections. Remember from the videos, in the Intro you should talk about your research question, what you do to answer it (what type of data you use, what regression you run), and what your main findings are. In the Conclusions, you can again mention the research question and your main findings (more briefly). You can also discuss potential limitations of your approach there.

There is nothing that you have to submit this week. But, if you want, you can submit any section (results, Intro,…) on which you want to obtain some feedback. You can upload your file under Assignments/Submission for Feedback and we’ll give you some comments. Therefore, this submission is optional.

If you don’t know what to write about your results, one easy way to expand the text and make it more interesting is to look for papers that do something similar (you can check for example, or just google) and relate your results to those in these papers (are your results similar/different, if different, why? what can explain the differences?). You can also check the sample papers that I sent to see their structure.

The final paper will be due on August 2 , so there’s still plenty of time to write up the results

revised previous assignments( it must be revised)

For the dependent variable, remember to use the stock return (instead of the stock price). It looks like you have the stock price since the intercept is 465 (it would be too much to have 465% return on average).

comments for:

Compute the growth rates for these variables, then write the text for the Data section.

This is the comments for our previous “Data and Regression Section” post

please be careful it must be revised based on the professor comments

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