Economic Growth, Finance and Development

Topic: Economic Growth, Finance and Development

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1. Hi, this is an exam paper, please answer all of the question.
2. No less than 800 words please.
3. Do not need to make a reference list.
4. This is not an essay, do not need to write the introduction and conclusion, just write the main point!! Please.
5. If the question request diagram, then i hope you can provide the diagram. Please.
6. Please according to the requirements of the question and answer it. Thank you.
7. Because my English is not good, so I worry about that I do not understand your writing. Please, I really hope you can try to make me more easily to understand your writing. I hope you can use some easy English to answer.
8. Do not use always long sentence, please.
9. Even use some easy English to answer, and write the answer clearly.
10. I hope you can answer like this,
1.1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
1.2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
1.3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
11. The length of answer is according to the proportion of each sub-question.

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