EBP Final Report.

I’m working on a Nursing exercise and need support.

The one that you are going to work on is the file that name (Actual Assignment). You are going to do it based on article name WOUNDS_0818_Pickham.pdf.

You are going to follow the file that name (Prof. Example), and the file that name (Student example) was the one that a student had done before but in a different article which is opioid, but you are not going to do it on opioid article which I don’t upload to you. So, you are instead going to do it on the “WOUNDS_0818_Pickham.pdf.” article which I uploaded to you.

In the file that name (Actual Assignment) there is a part that highlighted blue and green these parts have done already, you may probably take a look at it to see if there is any correction that is needed, but if you see it’s good, you can just leave it like that and just do those that highlighted in yellow which are the “Evidence Appraisals”, the “Article 1 Appraisal” and the “Synthesis, Conclusion, and Recommendations.” You don’t have to worry about the reference because I already have the reference for it which is:

Pickham, D., Pihulic, M., Valdez, A., Mayer, B., Duhon, P., & Larson, B. (2018). Pressure Injury Prevention Practices in the Intensive Care Unit: Real-world Data Captured by a Wearable Patient Sensor. Wounds: A Compendium Of Clinical Research And Practice, 30(8), 229-234.

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