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1. Nursing research itself is simple to comprehend: research in nursing. It’s taking any given nursing topic and conducting further research into it. When a patient has fallen ill and unsure of the problem, the nurse would evaluate the symptoms presented and follow up with the patient to see what is truly the best course of action with them. When one is presented, then the nurse would then use the newly acquired knowledge to conduct their nursing intervention accordingly. (Chien L. Y., 2019) With that being said, it completely relates back to evidence-based practice and patient care. They both go hand in hand. The evidence that is taken from the research is what becomes applied to nursing care. If you’re researching your patient’s specific topic and with the research, you’re conducting towards that specific ailment, then you’re conducting an evidence-based practice to further your patient care (Li, S., Cao, M., & Zhu, X, 2019).

2. The process of nursing research is used to identify problems or answer questions that relate to nursing care and develop alternative or improved methods of caring for patients. The first step in the research process is to identify a question that indicates the need for the research in the first place (Schmidt & Brown). An example of a research question would be Do the elderly diagnosed with dementia experience pain? (Vanderbilt, 2021). After formulating an appropriate question, the next step would be conducting a review of all of the current literature relating to the research question. A thorough review will help connect the dots of current research and identify any missing links (Schmidt & Brown). After identifying a theoretical framework and selecting a research design, one would actually implement the study and gather the data (Schmidt & Brown). Based off our example question, we would conduct a study that determines if elderly dementia patients experience pain. After the study is complete, the data needs to be analyzed so that conclusions can be drawn, and the findings can be shared with other professionals (Schmidt & Brown).

The research nursing process is valuable to patient care as it forms the basis of evidenced based practice which is respected nursing practice that is implemented by many facilities including magnet hospitals (Schmidt & Brown). After research has been conducted and carefully reviewed, professionals in the nursing field can use that information to make better clinical decisions regarding the care of patients (Schmidt & Brown). For example, if it was determined that elderly patients with dementia do experience pain, but they do not show it regularly we would change our nursing care to include more careful handling and better assessment of pain in that vulnerable population.

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