Early childhood education

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CB 221 (1)

Early childhood education according to NAEYC is infancy through 3rd grade. Early childhood education teachers must find creative ways to teach young children to learn based on their age-ability.

Teach hand-clapping patterns to accompany a chanted verse or a set of math facts. Add foot stomping or hand clapping with a partner to create variety is a teaching strategy to enhance a teaching activity. In this discussion forum, you are to discuss what type of teaching strategy you will introduce to a group of preschool children?

CB 221 (2)See attachment

This questionnaire will help you recognize and name your own educational philosophy. Respond to the given statements on a scale from 1, “Strongly Disagree,” to 5, “Strongly Agree.” Record the number of your answer along with the question number for scoring. Please follow the instructions to complete the assignment and upload your response statements.

You must first score the educational philosophies self-assessment sheet. To do this you score each item depending on what you believe scoring from (1-5), (1) is the lowest, and (5) is the highest.

CB 221 (3) See attachment

Record the number you chose for each statement in the self-assessment in the spaces given. Add the numbers for each section to obtain your score for that section. The highest score(s) indicates your educational philosophy and psychological orientation. This is the assignment that you will use to determine your score based on the self-assessment.

You will score your answers from sheet 1 to sheet 2. The numbers that are under the line on sheet 2 are the numbers from your first sheet. For example; for number (1); what did you score? That is the number you will put over the number 1 and so on for each. You will total each section to find out which philosophy has your highest score.

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