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Discussion: Memory Errors


The purpose of this discussion is for you to apply and think critically about the different types of memory errors.

Your text has a section that describes Daniel Schacter’s conceptualization of memory problems, termed “The Seven Sins of Memory.” To further your knowledge of these “seven sins,” read the article and watch the brief video clip posted below.

The Seven Sins of Memory (Daniel Schacter, 2001)


Daniel Schacter – The Seven Sins of Memory


You will post an Initial Post by Friday of the week, and two Replies by Sunday.


In your Initial Post, address each of the following sets of questions, in a paragraph for each. In your response, apply specific psychological concepts you learned from the readings and other materials when describing your thinking on the issue.

  1. Which of the “seven sins of memory” have you suffered from the most? Select two for discussion, and present a specific example of each that comes from your own life experience. Be as detailed as you can in your description, so we can get a mental picture of the events that transpired.
  2. Which of the “seven sins” do you think are most serious, and why? Select two that you think have the strongest negative impact, and explain why you have this view. Provide a specific example in your rationale.
  3. What can be done to prevent or minimize the two memory errors you discussed above? Present some specific strategies.

Before responding to these questions, do an Internet search to find an authoritative source on the issue. An authoritative source is one that goes beyond mere “opinion” and presents some scientific information related to the issue. Include the URL (web address) to the article at the end of your post.

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