due by 12:00am 01/22/17

High profile cases capture the attention of the American public. Follow the link to the NBC news story on the trial of James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter. Read the article, which includes news video and answer the following questions.

James Holmes Trial

  1. Are stories like this an accurate representation of crimes committed in the United States or are they rare?
  2. High profile trials take months and cost millions of dollars, while similar crimes that do not capture the public’s attention, take a fraction of the time, and cost much less to prosecute. Does media access and coverage of investigations and court proceedings have a positive or negative effect on justice?
  3. Should criminal trials be broadcast or should there be restrictions on cameras in the courtroom?
  4. Does the news media provide an accurate representation of statistical data surrounding crime?
  5. Are you more likely to be murdered by a stranger or someone you know?

Comment and discuss other student’s posts.  Do not attach files.  Include at least one link to an internet site you researched to form your discussion of each of these questions.

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