due by 12:00am 01/22/17

  1. Can a single standard of ethics be applied to all criminal justice agencies? Or is the CJ system too complex to legislate morality and ethics?
  2. Describe the differences between the formal and informal justice systems. Is it fair to treat some offenders informally?
  3. What are the layers of the criminal justice “wedding cake”? Give an example of a crime for each layer.
  4. What are the basic elements of each model or perspective on justice? Which best represents your own point of view?

Chapter 2

  1. What factors account for crime rate trends?
  2. What factors are present in poverty-stricken urban areas that produce high crime rates?
  3. It seems logical that biological and psychological factors might explain why some people commit crime. But if crime is based on individual traits, how would we explain the fact that crime rates are higher in the West and South than in the Midwest and East?
  4. Considering the patterns victimization takes, what steps should you take to avoid becoming a crime victim?  Submission Instructions

Complete your assignment by entering text into the textbox “Write Submission” (not “Comments”) and format using the Blackboard formatting tools –OR–use the “paste” function and copy from a word processor document into the textbox (recommended), and click Submit. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).  Do not attach files.  For each question include at least one link to an internet site you researched to form your answer to that question.

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