DPU High Level Product Specif

Students will submit a document based on Aulet’s concept of a High-Level Product Specification (HLPS). That document is a visual representation that explains your business idea. It may be in the format of a brochure, process map, diagram, or other graphic. This assignment is fun, the idea is that you can freely communicate your business idea. Refer to Aulet’s description of High Level Product Specification.

Your visual representation should be design around the priorities of the profile of a persona representing your beachhead market. At this point you should have in mind one actual real end user in your Beachhead Market who represents your End User Profile. Think about the top 3 priorities of your end user and create your assignment around this. This assignment is easily done when you ask your customer persona what are her/his expectations. The only caveat is that your persona needs to represent your beachhead market. This person can be a friend, or a family member. You DO NOT need to document your interactions. You need to provide only your brochure, process map, diagram or other graphic.

Keep in mind the following attributes of an effective High-Level Product Specification (HLPS).

  • Visual. Communicates easily what product/service you are offering. It is eye catching. If it is a physical product, it is surprisingly clarifying. For a service, use a series of stimulated images to form a storyboard that shows how someone would access your services.
  • Focus on benefits. Focus on the benefits and not the technology or functionality. In particular, focus on the benefits that are related to the Persona’s top three priorities, with special focus on the top priority. Benefits are what matter to a savvy customer. Be clear in the value proposition this product has for the end user.
  • High level. Don’t include too much detail! Just enough to show high-level functionality that will drive the benefits.
  • Hits the spot: Make sure the product specification resonates deeply with the Persona and other customers in the target End User Profile group. Conversely, don’t be influence by people outside your Beachhead Market, because they won’t help you achieve a dominant market share in your beachhead.
  • Flexible: Make sure your product specification builds in the ability to iterate with the Persona about key features, functions, and benefits. Some people make multiple versions and show them side by side to the Persona. A wise man once said, “Listening is the willingness to change.” Don’t ignore your Persona’s feedback just because you think the brochure is grate.

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