Does My University Recruit in

Does My University Recruit in Foreign Countries?


A competitive climate is emerging among colleges and universities around the world. Colleges and

universities in Europe and Japan are increasingly recruiting U.S. students to offset declining enrolments. Foreign students already make up more than one-third of the student body at many American

universities. The purpose of this exercise is to identify particular colleges and universities in foreign

countries that represent a competitive threat to your college.


Step 1 Select a foreign country. Conduct research to determine the number and nature of colleges

and universities in that country. What are the major educational institutions in that country?

What programs are those institutions recognized for offering? What percentage of undergraduate and graduate students attending those institutions are citizens of your country?

Do these institutions actively recruit students from your country? Are any of the Schools of

Business at the various universities AACSB International accredited?

Step 2 Prepare a report for the class that summarizes your research findings. Present your report to

the class.

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