Dixie Drain Questions Assignment

Question Description

Please watch the following videos,

07.11 Video 01 Dixie Drain_ Introduction (3m 53s)

07.11 Video 02 Dixie Drain_ Overview In Office (13m 57s)

07.11 Video 03 Dixie Drain_ Intake and ponds (16m 14s)

07.11 Video 04 Dixie Drain_ Drying beds, pond and Injection area (9m 54s)

Please answer the following questions,

  1. On the way out to the facility we stopped by Mason Creek. What was the situation that was demonstrated by Mason Creek in relationship to a TMDL?
  2. What is the chemical that is being used to treat the phosphorous at the facility and how much was being used daily?
  3. At the intake a new mechanical feature has been added. What is that feature and down the road how might that feature help with the requirement for phosphorus removal?
  4. Why were they spraying water on the outlet water from the facility?
  5. What materials are moved to the drying bed area?
  6. How is the dredge operated to remove the materials from the bottom of the pond?
  7. What about the facility did you find most interesting?

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