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Diversity helps the organization benefit from diverse skills, abilities, and ideas. Misunderstanding, miscommunication, and conflicts arise due to the differences in the firm. Therefore, diversity in different fields can lead to increased performance amongst the employees. Managers should inform all the employees about the changes and manage the diverse workforce. They are different levels of diversity that the managers can apply to their farm (Robbins & Judge, 2015); surface-level diversity is where the demographics are mostly reflected where they support one another in the workforce. Deep level diversity is the application of the personal characteristics shared amongst the employees, like the values and personality, which changes the view of different people in the firm (Hiriyappa, 2009).

Discrimination plays a vital role in killing the diversity in the organization; therefore, every firm should eliminate discrimination and emphasize fairness when checking on the differences between different issues regarding people of diverse nature. Some of the discrimination include; sexual harassment, intimidation, mockery, insults, and discriminatory practices and policies. Most of the diversity is based on cultural identity, race and ethnicity, religion, age, sex, disability, and gender identity. Different strategies are applied in the implementation of diversity in the firm; therefore, diversity management helps recognize the needs and differences of each other at the workplace. These are some of the strategies applied to have diversity in the firm, recruiting the workforce from the diverse nature; diversity must be well shown applicable from the top management to the lower position as this will show a sign of unity in the firm (Robbins & Judge, 2015). Fairness and objectivity should be highly valued while selecting the employees; thus, more emphasis should be focused on the recruit’s results to the firm. Inclusivity of people from diverse nature helps the company reap more results in high productivity and high sales levels. This is well achieved through proper decision-making from the diverse ideas given by the people from diverse fields. Fairness in the workforce helps improve the conduction of the activities in the firm, thus creating a conducive working environment that can boost the efficiency of the work done.

  1. Effective of diversity within the top management

Proper communication and unity in the firm, different cultural values, and customs represent the primary diverse nature to be adopted. Therefore, the managers should change the firm’s culture as this will help include diversity in the firm operations and the performances. Communication within a diverse workforce becomes an advantage to the firm; language barriers contribute to ineffectiveness in the communication amongst the workforce, which contributes to misunderstanding amongst the employees while working together. Poor communication amongst the employees can affect productivity, thus reducing the performance in the firm. Proper communication can improve the understanding amongst the employees from different demographic criteria, thus boosting the performance of other managerial roles. The communication methodology has been the main reason why diversity has been well utilized within the top management.

The other effective means for diversity implementation is to encourage equal employment and fairness in the workforce. Senior hiring personnel and the senior decision-makers in the firm play a vital role in ensuring that they enhance diversity in the firm. Most senior managers should hire and introduce policies that aid in implementing diversity inclusion in the firm. Most senior managers should encourage diversity through equal employment and foster fairness to all employees during recruitment. While working in the firm, these will give a good platform for decision-making, thus boosting the excellent progress of the firm. Diversity also should be upheld by the managers through the newly recruited individuals from diverse fields as they can perform better, thus becoming more hardworking in their duties. Therefore, the diversity of various individuals can boost the firm’s performance.

Diversity training is another method that aids most firms in exercising diversity within the senior management positions due to the involvement of the minority, which helps the junior employees, primarily the minority, in the workforce like the women. Wages and education create a massive gap between women and men, implying the most significant challenge in having full diversity in the organization, mainly in the senior positions. Group participation has participated primarily in upholding diversity within the senior management. Therefore, for any organization to support diversity in the organization, it has to deal with gender inequality and advocate group participation. This will aid in the proper coordination of the workforce. Inclusive of all genders and training the workforce will assistance in upholding the diversity in the firm.

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