Dissertation – Criminology

Dissertation – Criminology

Order Description
i would like you to write me a dissertation based on a area in criminology. This could be anything to do with criminology. I have attached the work of a student who passed with a first class degree last year for you to use as example but please bare in mind her work was “primary data” and this work should be “secondary data”.

please be very narrow with subject title and work. if the subject you are going to research within criminology and write 7000 words about is too broad it will get me bad mark.

i have also attached two forms that also needs to be filled out and returned by you along with the final compete work. the forms should not take long to complete.

if you have any question please ask me and also please send me your dissertation title when you have decided what you are going to research and write the dissertation about.

please make sure its NOT copy and paste as my university uses TURNITIN which finds anything that is not your own work, my friend had that problem with you guys last year when he paid to get his work done and ended up getting a peace of work back with a similarity rate of 51% he failed due to the writer cutting corners and copying and pasting. please dont let that be the case in this paper.

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