discussion week 15

Post should be in your own words.
No outside research except content that is in the Module Week 15 and the text.
Show understanding of the reading for Week 15 and my content comments as you write your posts.

No more than 2 direct quotes per post. Direct quotations should not exceed 1.5 sentences in length.

See grading rubric in right hand corner drop down gear menu.
Do not make a list. Write in paragraph form.
Display understanding and in depth analysis.
Posts are due at the end of Week 15 for 15 points.
No direct quotations longer than 1.5 sentences.
Do not repeat the questions

Initial Post

In our Week 1 Introduction Discussion many of you posted that you wanted to learn more about the Civil War.
1) What significant new things did you learn? Offer in depth analyses using illustrations from Week 15 Module
2) How did your perspective about the war change from our study this week? Explain using in depth analyses.

Make sure you display knowledge of Chapter 14 and the resources in the Week 15 Module. Do not make a list. Tell me what you learned by explaining and analyzing the topic or topics.

Please make sure you use Chapter 14 from the Book.

Brinkley, Alan. American History:A Survey. Volume I. 13th edition. New York: McGraw Hill, 2009.

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