Discussion-Respond to two peers- Levels of Power

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Hello I have to respond to two peers separately . After we watched the documentary, we all pretty much felt the same of what had impacted us the most about the documentary.


Their discussion was a lot longer but I just got a couple of sentences.

PEER 1 Discussion

The reveal Darkside behind politics, at times we are unaware of what really goes on between members of Congress and in politics.There were several issues and during this process and it just really surprised me. Delays and in a actions were unlawful it was evident that they were abusing nonprofit organizations to funnel money which led them to fraudment. They had one goal which was to advocate and to support none profit organizations. They lost that goal while they were in their priorities and they knew that there was a way for them to gain money and greed took control of their goals and actions. Other lobbyists noticed that things were not right but they did nothing to put an end to it so politicians take advantage of the situation or face consequences just because they are seen as authority figures.

PEER 2- Discussion
What was most striking to me is the power of the dollar and how how easily people can be swayed when there’s large sums of money involved or when they can line their own pockets how easily people will do things that are illegal or go into something that’s fraudulent are corrupt that was astounding to me.


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