discussion questions The Testing. Joelle Charbonneau

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you need access to the book The Testing. Joelle Charbonneau to answer the questions.

On the Text: Answer 3/3

  1. What choice did Cia make at the end of Chapter 8 that saves her life and Brick’s life?
  2. What does Michal reveal to Cia on the way to the final round of testing?
  3. What does Cia choose to take with her from the supply room and what can that tell us about the dangers she will face?

Analyzing the Text: Answer 2/3

  1. What do you make of Tomas’ decision to only tell Cia where to meet? Should he have told Zandri? Will? Why or why not?
  2. Using textual evidence (quotes from the text), how is the environment portrayed in these opening chapters of the final phase of testing? What is the significance to both the Commonwealth, as well as the students, of this portrayal?
  3. Are you surprised at how quickly Cia (with good reason, of course) turns to potentially lethal means to protect herself? Was Michal’s warning enough for you to expect deadly action at the opening of the test, or were you still surprised?

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