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Using local newspaper;

  • Making a presentation about the project findings in conferences and meetings of professional associations;
  • Creating and sharing podcast about my research findings;
  • Publishing project findings in national journals and statewide publications;
  • Using local radio.

Question 2

Local newspaper can provide a formal channel to reach many professionals that would have been otherwise hard to reach through other platforms. I can write part of my findings as the editorial of a newspaper. I can also provide contacts for those who may be interested in reading the whole study.

Conferences related to the matters of healthcare would present a great platform to talk to my peers about my research findings (Tappen, 2015). I plan to make an early request to the organizing team to be part of speakers or panelists.

Podcasts and YouTube channels have become popular platforms for people to share information about their work due to their availability and accessibility (Tappen, 2015). I will talk about my research findings in a podcast and share it through other media platforms.

I plan to approach the national research center and request for my research findings to be published. It is also a long process, which requires certification from different quarters, which I would be willing to follow through.

I plan to request to be hosted on local radio. I will share my research findings and explain how they will benefit local people at large. This will help me broadcast my work to potentially a great number of people that are essentially affected by issues discussed in my research.

Question 3

For research to be published, it is necessary that it meets standards set by different bodies. It is possible to achieve this through checking and resolving ambiguities on definitions and scope of a topic (Tappen, 2015). It is essential that the research should have an inclusive synthesized impression of the current state of knowledge. It is also imperative to remove the existing inconsistencies. Finally, it would be reasonable to provide research insights, existing gaps, and future research perspectives.


Tappen, R. M. (2015). Advanced nursing research: From theory to practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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