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a) What is the population of interest? Approximately, how many people are in the population of interest? (Recall, the definition of a population is: The collection of all outcomes, responses, measurements, or counts that are of interest.)

b) What is the best data collection method to use for the study (explain)? (Recall, data collection methods are: Observation, Survey, Experiment, Simulation).

c) For one of the three studies, a census is possible. Determine which one and then explain why a census is possible for that study and is not possible for the other two studies. (A census means that we are able to collect data from every unit in the population. Most of the time the population is too large for a census to be feasible)

d) For the two studies where a census is not possible, how many people, students, or cars would you sample out of the population? What sampling technique would you use (see section 1.3)? (Explain your reasoning)

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