discussion post

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Discussion Post Instructions:

First, write a short paragraph (about 200 words) describing what you would like to research for your literature review and why. Remember, you are not necessarily looking for answers to any particular questions. Rather you are looking to find out what the research is saying about this topic. Just like a movie review, you will review the literature that has been published on this topic rather than write a research paper on the topic itself. With this in mind, answer the following questions for this discussion post:

  • What topic are you going to read about for your literature review? Why have you chosen this topic? What do you think the research community is saying about this topic in the scholarly articles they publish? What academic or professional audiences will benefit from a review of this literature?

Then, once you have replied and others have begun replying, read over the replies. Find two peers’ replies to respond to. Click the “Reply” button under that person’s reply and write at least 150 words in reply to their response.