Discussion Chapter 14

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Choose one of the five to address 300 words. Use attached book chapter 14.

  1. What five things do you now know as a food consumer that you did not know before reading this chapter? (If you didn’t learn five new things, do you think you are unusually well-informed about food sources in this country?) What did you find most surprising? What, if anything, will you change about your food consumption patterns based on this new information?
  2. After reading this chapter, would you ever be tempted to become a farmer? Why or why not? If you did decide on farming, would you try to produce organic products? Why or why not?
  3. Is buying and consuming organic and local food products important to you? Are these criteria you consider when purchasing food? Is price ever a barrier to purchasing the food products you prefer? Are there other barriers that keep you from purchasing the food products you prefer?
  4. The text states that “Enough food is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person per day worldwide.” Consider this statement. What prevents people facing food insecurity and hunger from accessing this available food?
  5. This chapter is full of statistics on hunger and food insecurity in the United States and abroad. Do people facing food insecurity and hunger in the United States have the same challenges as those in developing and underdeveloped nations? In what ways are they similar and different?
  6. Define hunger, food insecurity, and food security. Consider the community in which you live. Do you suspect there are people who face, at least periodically, food insecurity and/or hunger? What resources are available for people in your community who might be in these situations?

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