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I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.


For this assignment, you will participate in a class discussion about a topic you select from the list below. You are required to develop and post an initial response and then reply to two other classmates per the instructions below. You are welcome to use any additional source you find appropriate for this assignment. Remember to cite and list your references. (Remember to cite and list your references.)

Initial Response

For this assignment please locate a case study or article or video of your choice on a topic from the list below. You may use University Online Library or an internet search using a search engine such as Google Scholar to locate your source. Write a summary of your selection and contrast its content with the processes described in the course reading assignments. Base your opinion and analysis on your own experiences, readings from the text, or any other reference you deem appropriate.

  • Plan Project Cost Management
  • Estimate Project Costs
  • Determine Project Budget

(Please include the title and author of your article/case study at the top of your initial post. If your source is a video, please include its URL (Internet address) at the top of your initial post in addition to its title and author.)

Your initial submission should be approximately 550-650 words. Your summary should include APA 6.0 compliant in-text citations and references. (If you are new to APA style please see the APA style references located from Citation Styles Link under the eCourse Portal page.