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nit 10 Discussion Bioethics

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Please take note there are two parts to this discussion post.

Topic: Reflections on Bioethics

This is a two-part Discussion. Respond to both parts in your response this week:

Part I

Throughout this course you have reflected on ways that course material connects to your own life and life experiences. What is your final assessment about the extent and significance of the practical relevance of your study of ethics? To what extent, if at all, has this study been a rewarding and important experience for you?

As you engage in this Discussion, you can also look into the future, not only personally and professionally, but academically. Now that you have had a taste of the application of ethical reasoning in your everyday decision-making, that is, you may want to learn more about critical thinking in general and how humanity helps to create who you are. Review the various course offering available to you in the Humanities and incorporate into your Discussion any questions, concerns, curiosities, and the like you may have.

Part II

We have focused on a selection of issues that are conventionally controversial in a bioethical context. As you consider the future of bioethics, which issues cause you to be most concerned? Why?

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