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Explain why colors matter in displays. What are the best colors to use in different situations (e.g., day vs. night flying)? What makes the use of these colors effective for human use?

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  • Color speaks clearly and powerfully to the viewer when it is used well whereas when it’s not used skillfully then it can weaken or delude graphic design’s message. Color is unparalleled as it is a strong form of communication.Use of colors proves to be effective for humans in all areas of life but in aviation industry, especially in flying, they can be used to alert pilots and other staff of emergency and any other shortcomings in plane. Yellow and red are the most eye-catching colors, red more so then yellow and that’s why red lights are used to indicate any kind of problems to pilots. In situations of emergency, red start blinking and when the issue is solved then the light color changes to green. Different colored lights are also used in speed-o-meter, green light means plane is going at a safe speed, yellow means a normal speed and red means it is going dangerously fast. Human eyes are prone to these colors and can spot them effectively.
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    • Colors are extremely important in any display as they hold a major importance nowadays. Also in aviation environment, the use of colors is ubiquitous to code information on both inside and outside of cockpits. Object recognition of normal observers is improved by use of color and performance of speed and accuracy are both enhanced. If the air crafts were dark colored, then they would absorb the sunlight and heat up which is why they are painted white so that they will reflect the sunlight. This was an example of use of color in display of aircraft and the importance it holds. Colors are further used in lights of airplanes inside and outside for different purposes. When flying at night, anti-collision lights are used which consist of rotation strobe lights along with green light on right wing and red light on left one. Absence of these lights and these specific colors, there can be life threatening consequences. These lights inform others of presence of airplane and similarly, lights are used in urban areas to inform planes of populated areas. Xenon flashers are used at day time and red lights at night time to help pilot spot urban areas from above.

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