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Reminder: Response to topic = minimum 150 words for each part

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After reading Chapter 4, discuss the following:

Part 1: O*Net Online is “the nation’s primary source of occupational information.” We’re going to use it to help the leader of our operations department hire a new employee!

A national retailer is growing to the point where they have decided it would be wise to have some regional meetings a few times a year with their store managers, and perhaps even a national meeting that all store managers would attend. With 500 stores and counting, this would mean a lot of people in attendance. They’d need to look at hotels or convention centers to provide space. They would raise funds from the company’s vendors to pay for the event.

As the manager of the operations department, Litong has decided that an event manager would be an excellent addition to the operations team and has approached the company’s human resources department to get started.

Discussion Prompt

You, as a human resources professional, should perform a job analysis on event managers (code 13-1121.00) using O*Net Online and the O*Net Resource Center. What tasks should you look to complete? Identify important things you should consider.

(Note: for this discussion, you do not need to complete these tasks, simply identify what information you need to find).

by: Freedom Learning Group: Lumen Learning

Part 2: Some jobs change so rapidly that companies do not feel doing a job analysis is worthwhile because by the time one is done, it’s already outdated. What advice would you give such a company to help them take advantage of the benefits of job analysis has to offer without wasting unnecessary time and resources doing a traditional job analysis?

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