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A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the

soul of its people…Gandhi

This week we are going to learn about how culture and gender affect our communication.

Some key concepts from the chapter:

Culture: The system of learned and shared symbols, language, values, and norms that distinguish one group of people from another.

Co-Cultures reflect groups of people in your society with whom you identify. For example: Gender, ethnicity, geography etc. Most people have multiple co-cultures

Cultural Iceberg a representation of how we can model culture and the components of culture.

Discussion questions for the week:

  • Culture is something that we often assume only other people have. What are some of the cultural influences on your behavior?
  • How have you seen ethnocentrism affect society today?
  • How do you feel about people whose sexual orientation or gender presentation is different than yours? How do you think those feelings affect your communication?

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