Discussion 2

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

(Everything must be in own words).

Now that you have a topic and have begun research, it’s time to engage in the writing process. In this discussion, we’ll reflect upon the role of “writer” and how we can become more comfortable as writers.

Prior to completing the discussion, read Chapter 3 in College Writing Handbook, examine Steps to Avoiding Plagiarism (Links to an external site.), and review the discussion grading criteria. Then, explore College Writing Handbook Chapter 2 “Web Resources”—watch at least one item from Inspiration from Successful Writers and read at least one article from Essays on Writing.


Take careful notes as you watch the video and read the essay. Think about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as a student writer.


Summarize the video and article that you reviewed for this assignment and cite the summaries in APA style. (See Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing (Links to an external site.) and Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.)). Compare and contrast the messages in the two web resources, including a comparison of subject, occasion, audience, purpose, and speaker (SOAPS) in each (See Action Words in Academic Writing (Links to an external site.) and Section 1.2 Understanding Context). Share what you learned from the materials this week and identify your confidence in (or concerns about) your role as a college-level writer. You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your post.

To create a reference citation for a YouTube video:

Lastname, F. M. [Screen name]. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxx

If the name is unavailable:

Screen name. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxx

To create a reference citation for an online article:

Lastname, F. M. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Title of Online Periodical. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxx

To create a paraphrase or summary citation:

Last name or Screen name and year of publication

  • (TED, 2014)
  • (Jackson, 2018)
  • Jackson (2018) claimed that…

To create a quote citation:

Last name or screen name, year of publication, and timestamp (MM:SS)/(HH:MM:SS) or paragraph number (para. #)

  • (TED, 2014, 03:25)
  • (Jackson, 2018, para. 5)
  • Jackson (2018) claimed that “this is an example of a direct quote” (para. 5).

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