Did the Great War have a permanent impact on social welfare?

Did the Great War have a permanent impact on social welfare?

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The essay should seek to answer the following question:

Did the Great War have a permanent impact on social welfare?

no sources should be website sources

journal articles should be used

below is a list of some of the sources that can be used , other sources should be used outside of the list provided

I must have a minimum of twenty different sources which include journal articles

I must have bibliography please

This is an assignment which must aim to be graded at a 1st if possible please

list of sources has been attached

Sources which can be used in aIDition to other sources for this essay
Adrian Gregory, The last Great War: British Society and the first world war (2008)
G.J.DeGroot, Blighty:British Society in the era of the great War (1996)
Arthur Marwick, The Deluge (1966)
Arthur Marwick, The impact of the first world war on british society , journal of contemporary history 3 (1968)
Jay.Winter , the great war and the british people (1985)
Jay Winter , the impact of the first world war on civilian health in Britain , economic history review (1977)

Richard Wall and Jay Winter (eds), the upheaval of war: family, work and welfare in Europe, 1914-1918.(1988)
Jay Winter and J-L Robert, (eds), Capital cities at war : paris, london, berlin ,1914-1919. (1997)
Jay Winter and B Baggett, 1914-1918: The great war and the shaping of the twentieth century. (1996)
Jay Winter , G. Parker and M.R.Habeck (eds), The great war and the twentieth century (2000)
Jay Winter , the experience of world war one (1988)
Jay Winter , socialism and the challenge of war: ideas and politics in Britain, 112-1918(1974)
N.Ferguson , The pity of War . (1998)
George Robb , british culture and the first world war .(2002)
J.Turner (ed), Britain and the first world war (1988)
K.Burk (ed), war and the state (1982)
S.Constantine , M.W.Kirby and M.B.Rose (eds), The first world war in british History (1995)
J.M.Bourne, Britain and the great war 1914-18 , (1987)
Philip Abrahams, The failure of social reform , 1918-1920 , past and present (1963)
n.whiteside, welfare legislation and the unions during the first world war , historical journal (1970)
Rodney, Lowe, The erosion of state intervention in Britain , 1917-24 , economic history review 31 , (1978)
K.O.Morgan , consensus and disunity: the Lloyd George coalition, 1918-22 (1979)
A.L.Bowley , some economic consequences of the great war (1930)
Alan S.Milward, the economic effects of the two world wars on Britain (1970)
Other sources should be used , not just these please

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