Dick Spencer case analysis

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Case : Dick Spencer
Read the Dick Spencer case. In your main “Analysis” section, be sure to identify the main factors contributing to: (1) Spencer’s success as a salesperson and (2) his tribulations as a manager. Explain how each of these factors led to either his success as a salesman or his failure as a manager. The factors you aIDress and your explanations need to be supported with references. The more references you use, the better. In a separate section entitled “Recommendations”, I would also like you to aIDress the siding department incident specifically. What decisions could Dick have made and what actions could he have taken to avoid this incident and effectively deal with the problems that resulted from this incident (i.e., recommendations)? Use plenty of references for support for this section as well. Include the full citations for all of your references on your Reference page at the end of your analysis, following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in Doc Sharing. You will be evaluated in accordance with the grading rubric provided at the end of this document. Submit this assignment at the beginning of class.

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