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The Assignment: In an argumentative essay of 2,000 words or more, address the following prompt. This essay should feature a well-developed thesis and appropriate evidence to support your claims. You must engage and cite at least one essays from in this class (either one I assigned, one you found for a homework assignment, or one found by one of your peers), and three outside nonfiction articles. Be sure to provide thorough analysis of all quotes and examples, and include your own argument based on your perspective on the topic.

The Prompt: Pick an ongoing or recent social issue, political event, or newsworthy situation to focus on. Provide some context for this issue. Describe the situation, who is affected, and why it is occurring. Describe the different perspectives or stances on this topic. Why do people feel the way they do? What is your stance? Use examples from articles and your own experiences, observations, or perspective to support your claims. Please do not use the same topic you used for Essay #1.

Research: The outside sources can be any nonfiction essays of your choice. You may choose to use news articles, personal essays, research essays, academic articles from the DVC Library database, or any combination that relates to your topic. The outside essays may bring a new perspective on the topic, present a counter-argument to the assigned text(s), or provide an example that supports your claims. If you choose to cite news articles, your sources should be legitimate news outlets that adhere to journalistic standards. (Note that this does not mean that the source is unbiased; all writing has some form of bias.) I recommend news sites like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Democracy Now, NPR, BBC, The Nation, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Economist, etc. (You are not required to use these; they are simply suggestions.) It would be most helpful if your articles are in-depth rather than a few brief paragraphs. You may also use opinion pieces but be sure to be aware of the author’s intention.

Formatting: This essay will be in MLA format. This means it will be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font (I prefer Times New Roman), with page numbers and your last name on each page, and a header on the first page. Your title should be original, and you must include a Works Cited page. Be sure to include in-text citations in the body of the essay. For help with MLA formatting and citations, please see the handouts on Canvas in “Resources for Essays.”

Note: Words and phrases that are underlined on this page will be taken into consideration when grading.

Click here to access resources for essays. You can also find these handouts by clicking on “Files” from any page.

I hope that the topic of this article is a discussion about children’s mental health crisis. The following link is one of the necessary resources. please use the quotes from the source and the link I proved below.


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