Development my product

Development my product


Paper instructions:
You will produce an actual instructional material required to embody the instruction proposed in 2-1 and 2-2. The instructional material can be anything that is required for the learners or for the instructor of the lesson. The material must be developed in a professional and authentic form.
You are required to develop only one complete learning module (e.g. weekly or topical) on performance objectives from 2-2 instead of an entire class (e.g quarter or semester long), due to time constraints.
Examples of an instructional material include but are not limited to 1) a web page instruction (which entails the performance objectives, specific activities students need to do, instructional resources, and evaluation rubric) which can be instructor-led or self-paced, or 2) a classroom teaching/training lesson plan accompanying computer-based instructional resources (e.g. video, audio podcast, PowerPoint presentation). At least one of the instructional resources must be computer-based and self-developed. If your instructional material is published to the website, please include the url of the website.
In aIDition to your instructional material, write a short report (2 pages) to aIDress the required items in the Evaluation Criteria.

Discuss your ideas with the instructor.
Evaluation CriteriaPoints
Instructional Material (e.g. website)

Quality (If used, would the product solve the problem?)4
Design (Does the resource bear a resemblance to the item described in the design document?)4
Appearance/Navigation (Does the resource follow common appearance conventions and is the navigation logical and appropriate?)3

Explain the technical aspects of your development process (what tech tools were used, how were they used, and how did you teach yourself tech skills necessary for your project?)1

Discussion how you structured the navigation of your product (considerations)1
Discuss how you used instructional design theories (e.g. motivation theory, instructional strategies, cognitive load theory) and visual design principles 1

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