Developing a Marketing Plan about a Hotel (Novotel Hotel Platinum Pratunam) _____ At Least 11000 words exclude references

Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

you are working in a marketing consultancy firm and has been tasked with the supporting task of developing a marketing plan for your client’s company (use the company that you intended to go for internship). You are to analyse the company and suggest some of your own marketing ideas using IMC as one of the tools to

PART I .Written report

I . I Company’s brief background

. What is the company’s product & service?

. Location & accessibility (map should be included)

. Any otherrlevant informatiJi’i that will be useful for the marketing plan

I .2 Company’s SWOT analysis on the current situation

(2 for each category)

I .3 Company’s STP(segmentation, targeting and positioning)

. Analyse company’s potential customers using 4 segmentations (Do I group for each segmentation)

select only one segment and explain the reson for this selection (refer to the company’s product and service)

. Analyse the company 5 differentiations (physical attributes, product/service,personnel,location, and image)

I .4 Online marketing & PR activities

. Select 3 specific (mention the name eg. Whatsapp) Online Marketing Medias (apps,website, etc.), briefly discuss the Medias strong point and explain the reason for your selection.

Propose a PR activity for each of the Online Marketing Medias (1 each, 3 in total ). explain how you will use your proposal PR activity with each of the online Marketing Medias

Harvard style

1.5 times line space Times New Roman 12

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