Demi is a 40% shareholder and

Demi is a 40% shareholder and board member of EMGO Inc., a privately-owned manufacturer of custom lug nuts. During a recent board meeting the board discussed expansion and acquisition of a building for their manufacturing facility. A particular building on 13 Elm Street was mentioned at the meeting which was located near the interstate. The board was to contact the owner in 120 days. The building had been for sale for some time. Prior to EMGO contacting the building owner, and without the knowledge of the EMGO board, Demi contacted the building owner and offered to buy the building at a distressed value. Demi used his brother-in-law as a “straw buyer” for the building. His brother-in-law then sold the Building at a huge premium to EMGO with Demi pocketing the profits. If the EMGO board found out about what Demi did

Ronnie was arrested by the police on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. She was not informed of her Miranda rights. All that was said to her was “watch your head” as she was placed in the squad car. As he was placed in the squad car she confessed to her crime. Is her confession admissible?

The border patrol notices a van driven by someone who appears to be of Mexican descent crossing the border at a fixed checkpoint on the border. They stop the van and order everyone out. A drug sniffing dog “hits” on a box in the back of the van and they find 12 Kilos of cocaine. At trial the defendant motions the court to suppress the evidence. Most likely

Alex brought his automobile to Max. Max said it was going to cost $800 to repair which included $300 in parts. Alex said “sure go ahead with the work”. When Alex picked up his car he said he would pay Max tomorrow. Max agreed. Alex never made the payment and Max sued. Max will most likely:

Amtul hired Juan to act as her sales agent in Amtul’s auto dealership. Such sales agents normally have authority to enter into sales contracts with customers. However, Amtul has instructed Juan not to enter into any sales contracts before she has had a chance to review the transaction. However, one day Juan entered into a sales contract with William, without first telling Amtul, Has Juan created a contract with William that is binding on the auto dealership in this situation?

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