Defective Computer] Carmen wen

Defective Computer] Carmen went to buy a new computer from ABC Computer Sales. The manager, Jared, told her that ABC carried the best computers in the state and perhaps even in the country. Unfortunately, after Carmen bought the computer and took it home, she discovered that it had a number of problems. When she took it back to the store, Jared told her that he was sorry, he was simply giving his opinion when he sold her the computer, and that the store never offers any kind of express or implied warranty on products. Jared told her that is why he never mentioned warranties – because they were not provided. Jared’s defense would be that he was only giving his opinion when he said the store carried the best computers in the state, even in the country. That is known as _

  • Express warranty

  • Implied warranty

  • Warranty of fitness for a particular purpose

  • Acknowledged warranty

  • Puffing


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