Debate discussion (the right to bear arms) one page

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Debate Discussion 10

Debate Discussion assignment in this class relates to the HR Competencies & Applications box in Chapter 15 (p. 589):

Competencies & Applications: Caught in the Crosshairs

The right of employees to bear arms in the workplace is a controversial topic.

  1. How do you feel about the right to bear arms and whether companies should be limited in restricting employees from having weapons on the premises?
  2. What restrictions would you recommend to companies regarding weapons in the workplace?

Your assignment is to 1) read the information in the box content, 2) answer these questions, 3) present/defend your ideas with thoughtful logic or relevant evidence, and 4) Your posts should be comprehensive (multiple lengthy paragraphs), as well as concise and detailed.

Grades are assigned using a rubric with the following dimensions: 1) logic/support, 2) clarity/conciseness, 3) depth, 4) length, 5) contains multiple postings/responses.

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