DBFA 600 LU Divorce Interview

BFA 600FAMILIAL WORLDVIEW REPORT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWYou will conduct two firsthand interviews related to one of the following topics listed below. Each familial worldview report must address a separate topic from the list provided.DivorceSame sex attractionSame sex lifestyleAdult child who grew up without a fatherFoster parents of children who do not know biological parentsHeterosexual couple living in cohabitationMarried couple who cohabited before marriageRemarriageBlended FamilyLGBT advocateA politician advocating for traditional marriageA politician advocating for an expanded view of marriageINSTRUCTIONSEnter each interview with a prayerful, respectful, and humble approach to learn about the beliefs, values, struggles, worldview, family history, etc., of the interviewee. In no way should you proselytize or attempt to convert the interviewee. Your objective is simply to interact and interact from others regarding differing viewpoints on the selected topic.Each report should be a minimum of three pages in length, with a minimum of three (3) evidence based/peer-reviewed sources within the last five years. The page count will not include the title page or references page. The entire paper must be constructed in current APA format, incorporating the following sections:1. Topic – identify the topic of the interview and explain why an understanding of the topic is important to family, faith, and the future.2. Interviewee – identify the interviewee and explain the individual’s contribution to the topic.a. Should the interviewee wish not to be identified, state the interview was conducted with an anonymous individual, and include their contribution to the topic.3. History – An explanation of the various aspects contributing to the controversy or struggle associated with the topic.4. Interview – list the questions asked and how the interviewee has been or is impacted by the topic, circumstances, or worldview; 5. Insights – what insights you gained through the interview process that aligned or did not align with research.6. Conclusion – provide a summation to the assignment detailing the application of the interview to your participation in the course, and corresponding research.Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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