Database Design and Impl (ER Diagram)

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Q.1. You are hired to design a database that can be used by a Bank. After a meeting with a group of upper level management we have gathered following information.

  1. Each bank is required to have a Name, Address and a Unique code.
  2. A bank will have many branches with address and branch number. Each branch has a unique branch number. A branch will only be associated with a bank and bank will always have branches.
  3. A Bank branch must have many accounts and must issue many loans. An account and Loan is associated with only one branch.
  4. For each account we would like to maintain a balance, account number and the type of account (Checking or Savings). Each account number is unique.
  5. For each loan we want to keep track of the amount given as loan, loan number and type of loan among other things. Each loan number is unique.
  6. We also want to keep track of customer name, address, Social Security Number and phone for each customer.
  7. Customer must have an account. However, a customer may have many accounts and an account may be a joint account with many customers.
  8. A customer may have taken a loan. A loan must not be issued to more than one customer and a customer must not be issued more than one loans.

Given these conditions, design an ER diagram for this application using Chen notation only (Chen notation is the same one we used in this course). Schema drawn using any other notation will not be graded and assigned zero grade. Write any unspecified assumptions that you need to make the specification complete. In your ER diagram include all entity types and relationship types, attributes and key attributes for each entity type and/or relationship type. You can always list additional attributes as per your needs. Identify Participate Constraints and Cardinality Ratio.