data interpretation assignment paper

my research topic is Social Effects of Online Classes

Data Interpretation Assignment Paper

The sixth thing you need to do is interpret the results in relation to your research question and/or hypothesis and to the literature you have found on this topic. For this sixth step, this is your chance to make sense of what the results say. You need to explain why the analysis of your data found what it did — what explains your data? In your final paper, you will need to answer the following:

a) how did the results answer your research question and/or test your hypothesis,

b) how did the results relate to other studies’ findings and/or a specific theory, and

c) what were the limitations of your study, and did the limitations impact your study.

This is where you get to try to answer the question you started with, using your results as the evidence for your answer. It is your chance to reflect upon the entire study and what you learned from doing it. This paper should be 500-1000 words long.

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