Data Classification and Incident Response Teams

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The economy is driven by data ~ Data sustains an organization’s business processes and enables it to deliver products and services. Stop the flow of data, and for many companies, business comes quickly to a halt. Those who understand its value and have the ability to manage related risks will have a competitive advantage. No matter how well an organizations data is protected, eventually there will be a breach of security or a natural disaster. Well prepared organizations create an incident response team (IRT).

  • Why is there a significant difference between quality assurance & quality control?
  • Why does the relationship between QA/QC impact risk management?
  • Why are policies needed to govern data both in transit and at rest (not being used – accessed)?
  • What are some best practices YOU recommend in regards to incident response policies?
  • When an incident occurs, there are a number of options that can be pursued. Which specific action(s) would YOU recommend when assets of a low value are being attacked?

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