“Data and Research in Population Health” Managing the Health of Populations Individual Project 4

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Using the information from assignments 1–3, complete and submit Part 1 of the first draft of the Key Assignment.

You are the Program Manager, and you are trying to decide on the best course of action to decrease incidence and prevalence of the disease chosen in Week 1. You must decide from the data which population is most at-risk and decide on the most appropriate intervention to which you should allocate funds. To do this, you need to see the big picture. In this assignment, you will write a proposal to your Chief Executive Officer outlining the following:

  • History of the disease (show trends and data)
  • Needs assessment for your population:
    • Demographics
    • Social factors that may increase risk (poverty, health insurance, race/ethnicity, etc.)
  • Morbidity and mortality data
  • Incidence and prevalence data
  • Suggested intervention program with cost analysis
  • Justification and explanation for why this is the most appropriate intervention for the target population

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