Examine the data and describe the variables in the file as to what type (quantitative or categorical), units associated with quantitative variables, and data analysis objectives that you believe are appropriate.


Generate a histogram of earnings a) for all data, b) by gender, and c) by education level.


Generate numeric descriptive statistics including measures of central tendency and of variation (mean, median, five-number summary, range, interquartile range, variance, standard deviation) of earnings (a) for all data, (b) by gender, and (c) by education level.


Prepare a business report presenting the conclusions of the analysis incorporating  by save on” href=””>software results as evidence. Summarize your results using the measures learned this week as a guide (a) for all data, (b) by gender and (c) by education level, and qualitatively compare the results for the categories. In other words, how do earnings compare between the sexes? How about between education levels?


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