DAC Genomic Research Through

This assignment, which will be graded as In/Complete, is meant to help you start thinking
through your research project. It is a free write so you do not have to follow any particular
writing structure. Instead, I’d like you to write whatever comes to mind and allow your mind to
wander (as long as it’s at least tangentially related to consent). The purpose behind this is
twofold: 1) it will allow you to start identifying and unpacking any topics related to consent you
seem most drawn to and 2) it will then serve as a document to return to in preparation of our
meeting during Week 6.
Please submit your personal reflection by Thursday, October 21st at 12:30 PM PDT. In order to
receive a Complete, you must write approximately 1,500 words in response to one or all of the
proposed questions.
1) Which reading did you find most interesting? Why? Did it make you think of an event or
experience in your personal life? Did you find it problematic? Shocking? Frustrating? If
so, why? How could this reaction be the basis of your research project? What are you
hoping to learn or unpack by pursuing this?
2) Are there any experiences or events in your life related to consent that you’d like to
explore in more depth? What about this experience makes you want to research it? What
are you hoping to learn about this experience that could help you in the future?
3) Start discussing consent in a particular context (e.g. informed consent, consent in the
context of the hook-up culture, consent online, consent to sexting, etc.) with a friend,
roommate, family member, or loved one. Then, summarize what topic you discussed and
what came up. How could this discussion be transformed into a research project? What
are you hoping to learn or unpack?

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