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PAPER #1: RHETORICAL ANALYSIS DUE VIA CANVAS ANY DAY BETWEEN SEPT 21ST & SEPT 27THAUDIENCE: Your instructor PURPOSE: To summarize and provide rhetorical analysis of one article from the UNIT 1 READINGS, using the other articles as reference.TASK: Write a 1200 to    1400-word rhetorical analysis paper in the MLA style (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, with integrated citations and a Works Cited page) in which you summarize the article you have selected before analyzing the rhetoric it employs and whether or not it is effective and why. Use the information in Chapters 1 through 3 of Writing Logically, Thinking Critically as a reference for how to approach this paper. If you choose to cite outside sources to support your analysis, such as those found via the Grossmont College Library Gateway to Research, make sure to also include them on yourWorks Cited page at the end of your paper. Note:In this assignment I am not asking for your personal feelings about the topicpertaining to the claims you are analyzing. I am asking you only to determine the significance, effectiveness, and relevance of the claims based primarily upon careful reading and critical thinking. Do your best to write objectively, following the model of the rhetorical precis. Students often go awry on this assignment by misunderstanding the prompt and writing a standard argumentative essay in which they choose a position based upon what they believe and then select evidence supporting their own position. This is not an argumentative essay. This is an analysis of the claims of another writer. If you succeed on this paper, your opinion about your chosen article will not be explicitly expressed—instead, I will read an evidence-based analysis of the relative merits of its claims.


In this week’s writing exercise, I want you to build a checklist of all the things you know you need to cover in the Rhetorical Analysis Paper. This may include, but is not limited to,

  • a rundown of the claims you wish to examine,
  • the evidence supporting those claims,
  • the style in which the author writes and what effect that may have on the intended audience,
  • who the intended audience may be, 
  • which parts of the argument are strong and which are weak, as well as why
  • a bulleted list of specific points you wish to make
  • and more

This checklist has no maximum length, but at a minimum it should demonstrate thoughtfulness and thoroughness regarding your plan for analyzing your selected article. I want to be able to see what you have planned. That said, let’s acknowledge that this list will be a very rough plan and will almost certainly change as you write the paper itself. 

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