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Discussion Three-Vaccines and Motivational Interviewing

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Sometimes medical/public health discoveries/recommendations fly in the face of cultural norms, superstition, and fear. The good modern day example of this that I can think of is the vaccine controversy.

We live in a country where vaccine coverage has been (up until this point) so complete that we as a society probably cannot appreciate the reason vaccines were invented in the first place…to save lives. They were invented because in the past many children were permanently injured or even died from those illnesses in surprising numbers.

Until recently, vaccines have eliminated much of this morbidity and mortality in the United States. Unfortunately, since these diseases have not been eradicated globally (like smallpox was, with vaccines) countries where people do not have the vaccine coverage that we had are still experiencing these epidemics, often with devastating consequences. All we have to do is a little math to realize: (unvaccinated Americans + a trip abroad) + (unvaccinated Americans + international tourism in the US) = re-surgence of childhood diseases like measles.

So…it really doesn’t matter if you never leave San Diego County…or go to Disneyland…once it starts here ALL unvaccinated individuals are at risk.

Your assignment for Discussion 3 is to watch this Ted Talk:Hippos, Measles and Smallpox…oh my! (Links to an external site.) and then answer the following questions:

1. What is your opinion on vaccines? Has this video changed your opinion regarding childhood vaccinations?

2. Tell us your opinion with SUPPORT:

CON. If you are opposed to vaccines, please give one reason why you oppose vaccines WITH A REFERENCE that supports your argument.

PRO. If you are NOT opposed to vaccines, give one example of why vaccines are essential WITH A REFERENCE that supports your argument (besides this Ted Talk).

Then read this article on Motivational Interviewing (Links to an external site.). It discusses why trying to “convince” people can backfire.

3. Describe a technique used motivational interviewing.

4. Using Motivational Interviewing techniques, write a question to open the vaccine conversation with someone who has the opposite view. ,

Your answer should be no more than two short paragraphs

5 points your opinion

10 pt opinion support

5 point reference to support your opinion. (MUST be reputable and supported)

5 points Motivational Interview (MI) feature

5 points MI question to open the vaccine conversation

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