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Hello my name is Dina , I need help with my homework please. And answer the 6 questions in the picture.thank you.

Homework is

If we value democracy over tyranny (autocratic or corporate), it is important to keep in mind that democracy is an empty abstraction without the meaningful participation of its citizens. This participation presumes that citizens are sufficiently informed about whatever issue requires their input. In a democraticsociety, the issues of common concern are a subject for discussion between the people and their representatives, between governmental agencies and private enterprises. It is the media ofmass communications that moderate these debates and inform the public, thus maintaining the grounds for democracy. Indeed, information is the blood stream of democracy.

Just imagine that you are told that starting tomorrow, your city public schools will be closed indefinitely due to the teachers strike. Most of the city population will likely be concerned as either students, or their parents, or other family members, or anyone else affected by the unavailability of this important service (an employer, for example, whose employee cannot report to work because she cannot leave her child unattended). Obviously, people will have to know not only the relevant details regarding the strike but also the underlying causes that triggered this citywide paralysis lest debacles of this kind will occur again. Needless to say, that people will turn to the media outlets to find the answers to these pressing questions.

So, in this discussion, I want you to share your thoughts regarding the following aspects of the 2012 strike in Chicago as covered by the independent (progressive) media (please be specific in your posts and comments on the posts of your classmates):

  1. In what way does the accuracy of their reporting about the strike might benefit common Chicagoans and other concerned Americans?
  2. What are some of the major explanation points regarding the strike do the progressive media make in their coverage? How would these explanations possibly benefit American wage-earners?
  3. What particular twists and other distortions do the independent media address in their commentaries on the mainstream coverage of the strike?
  4. In what ways does the discussion of the charter-school alternative in the independent media benefit American citizens outside the top decile of the population? What do they tell people about charter schools and why should it be important to the people?
  5. In what other ways do the progressive news outlets encourage their audience to participate in making important policy decisions? ( to answer this question, visit sites such as CounterPunch, DemocracyNow!, FAIR, Monthly Review, Jacobin, The Nation, Truthdig, or Truthout) In fact, the latter has just published the material that will help you to understand this topic even better–take a look.

Post your answers to these questions and leave a thought-provoking commentary in response to, at least, two other students.

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