Cuyamaca College Reproductive

  1. To choose the video options that best meets your learning needs.
  2. To reflect on the process of prenatal development as presented by sharing ten items you learn through the video.
  3. To examine an issue that you still want to learn more about.
  4. To summarize your reaction to the video.

Video Options:

You are only required to watch one of the options below. The first two options are free, the third option requires membership or rental.

Best Option: This Ted Talk by Annie Murphy shares some wonderful insights into prenatal connection in the womb.

Option #1 – The shortest option, with quality captioning in three parts (about 25 1/2 minutes total) – the first two parts feature graphics and the third part has remarkable images based on MRI scans of prenatal development and birth

Part 1 – Reproductive System, Part 3 – Sex & Fertilization: Crash Course (watch until 6:59)

Part 2 – Reproductive System, Part 4 – Pregnancy and Development (10:44)

Part 3 – most of the TED Talk: Conception to birth — visualized | Alexander Tsiaras (begins at 1:52, for a total of 7:45) – caution: does show live birth

Option #2 – If you want a longer version that shows more detailed “live” images (1 hour 42 minutes) that is still free (but with so-so captions), you should watch the Science Now YouTube documentary Life Before Birth – In the Womb

Initial Post for this discussion board

  • What video you chose
  • A list of 10 items you learned throughout the video. Please use bullets to note each item.
  • Provide a paragraph describing something you would like to learn more about or that you still have questions about. Be sure to explain why.

Reply Post

  • Choose one peer to respond to.
  • Make sure to add in new information or answer one of their questions.
  • Add in a resource if you have one but this is not required.
  • Please DO NOT just respond by only saying, ” I agree,” or, “good job.”

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